Sunday, December 21, 2008

Well, Let's Recap

All 4 teams were in action last night, only 1 turned out to be a good game.


It was over pretty quick. The Leafs pretty well jumped all over the Penguins early and often. Godard was taking r-tard penalties, and Malkin's turnover is about as big a dipshit play as I've ever seen. Didn't see most of the game, but the question is, is Fleury ready to be back into big games?

Philadelphia / Washington

I didn't watch any of this game, spent all god damned day at the DMV. Looks like Nitty had a pretty good game and Carter continued his good play, and that asshat Hartnell had the trick. Silver lining for the Caps? Brashear just beat the hell out of Cote. Ovechkin had 12 shots on goal, thats ridiculous. The Caps should've kept up Varlamov and sent down Theodore, that guys garbage.


This game I watched. 10 PPs for Montreal, 4 for Buffalo. 2 OT PPs for Montreal. Joke.
"For all the times you miss something, I had a pretty good view of this one," Jackson said. "I was in my hometown and Montreal scored in overtime, but you're paid to do a job, so I did my job..."
Nice ref, nice. The game was back and forth the whole time and was really intense, just hate to see the ref decide a game. Sour grapes? Maybe, but at least I can admit that.
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