Monday, December 8, 2008

Sabres V Penguins Preview

EDIT:: for streaming the game.

First off, the Buffalo Sabres are not for sale. If somebody calls and says they're interested in your car, you listen, cause you drive a piece of shit. That's it and that's all. The lease between the City of Buffalo, HSBC Arena, and the Sabres is locked tight, they ain't goin anywhere. So Basillie, you can take that Blackberry, shove it back up your ass, and go back to Canada...take the Panthers with you.

Anyway, on to tonight's game, where we'll get to see Thunderpunch (Gerbe) for the 2nd time. The Pens are riding a 5-3-2 stretch over the past 10, with dropping that game to Jason Spezza on Saturday. The Pens called up some Lovejoy kid, I'd usually make fun of his faggoty name, but who cares, we won't notice him. The Sabres are still on the schnied, as they're a fantastic 3-7 over their past 10, coming off the win at Tampa. They've split the season series 1-1 thus far, with the Pens taking the 5-2 comeback win (can a 5-2 win be considered a comeback win?) and the Sabres coming back and winning the other night 4-3, both teams won at home.


From Nov 18 to Dec 3, a span of 7 games, the Pens were a dismal 2 for 30 on the PP, with Crosby and Malkin how can it be that bad? Gonchar/Whitney, that's why...They have potted 3 over the past 2 games though...Looks like Sabourin will be in net, even after Curry kept the Pens in it last week...The Pens are giving up an average of 3 shots more per game than they're taking...Malkin has 43 points, Crosby 40, then a drop of 21 points, to Satan at 19, sheesh...Denson, the Penguins blogger, or so he says, eats shit...Tyler Kennedy is still hurt, Boucher hasn't been seen since the last Buffalo game, apparently Fleury is close though...Lovejoy (homo) is supposed to replace big ole Hal Gill, he won't, he's only 6'2''...Therrien gave them off yesterday, does that mean they'll be sluggish? or well-rested?

Sorry, didn't have time to make it better, sometimes I work. Sometimes.


The Sabres penalty kill has not given up a goal in their last 24 attempts, knock on wood...On the road the PK is 91.2%, not too shabby...2006-2007, most goals in the NHL...2007-2008, 4th most goals in league....2008-2009, 21st most goals in league...Lindy called out Miller, we'll see how he responds...Andrew Peters and Nate Paestch will sit...Craig Rivet didn't skate this morning, but will play...Pominville, Hecht, and Vanek skated together this morning, so we're going exclusively for ugly goals now?...Gerbe and Roy, smallest 2/3 of a line in the league?...Max is back on the 4th line...That's all I got.


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