Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Pens Shutout due to Missed Opportunities and Mike Smith

Well, yet another game the Pens lose to a shitty shitty team. Yeah you can say there was going to be a lot of hype built up for this game because Malone, Hall, and Recchi would be back in town (Roberts hasn't played in forever) and that the Lightning would come out flying, which they did, but the Pens lost this one.

This game was tighter than your first gfs vagina. No one was given an inch to move on the ice, and shots were hard to come least for the Pens. I've about had it with this 1, 2, 3, 4, even 5 passes sometimes before someone fires the damn puck at the net. But I digress. This game wasn't about being out shot was about missed opportunities, and boy did they change the game.

- You had Crosby one touch a pass to Sykora who fired the puck wide of the net...9 times outa 10, that's a goal.

- You had Malkin pass up a chance to shoot to make a nice drop pass to Crosby who missed the net. Again, Crosby doesn't miss that chance that often.

- Then the two that really hurt. Sykora had a breakaway, leg kick, fake shot...backhand...goalllooooover the net wide. F! Then Tampa turns the puck up the net in a quick transition in it's behind Fleury faster than Mike Comrie nuts on Hilary Duff.

- Then midway through the 3rd, Malkin had a chance to tie the game up with another breakaway, makes a deke to the backhand, Smith doesn't buy it, save...oh wait Tampa is still playing you douches...transition, pass , goal. 2-0 Tampa.

If Malkin would have scored there, there's no doubt the Pens would have won, cause they would have been so fired up after Smith pulled some bush league bullshit on Malkin by swinging his stick at his face. Uhh...not not a penalty how?

- After it was 2-0, the game was over. Tocchet had his boys play our beloved trap...which the Pens for whatever reason never know how to break. I don't think 5 Tampa players left the neutral zone for the last 10 min of the 3rd.

- Not a good game to lose when you have Jersey, Montreal, and a Home&Away against Boston. If they lost 3 of 4 there, look for Shero to start making some moves.


Vance said...

Pens got smoked because St. Louis openly called out his teammates to the media.

Not because a bunch of players, who all left the Pens willingly, appreciatively probably, were playing in Pittsburgh again.

Gary Scares Me said...

Yeah appreciatively...I heard for Malone it was between the Lightning and the Sabres, but the Lightning have had more success recently. And by that I mean they've won a cup within the last 40 years!

Anonymous said...

right cause all the guys on the current pens team won all those cups too? yeah, another invalid argument.

Vance said...

If by success you mean buckets of cash, then yes you would be right.

If that was some sort of dig at the Sabres, I not need remind you 3 years ago your team was halfway to Kansas City.

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