Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Melrose Place

This Barry Melrose vs. the Tampa Bay Lightning organization is starting to annoy me more than that T.0 and Donvovan McNabb shit.

We've all had ex girlfriends. And when that dumb bitch cheats on you or has the hots for some other dudesweat ( Len Barrie's crush on Vinny Lecav) then you just wish the worst on her in the future. This brings me to an awesome quote by Melrose.

When Melrose was asked if that statistic gave him any glee, the former coach was very candid.

"I'm not going to lie to you, yeah it does, and any coach who tells you otherwise is a liar," Melrose told the Fan 590, adding, "I hope Tampa Bay doesn't win a game in the next year."

The thing is, even Ricky Tocchet agrees with Melrose:
"To me, it's an embarrassment when you have more than three or four guys not ready to play," Tocchet told the Tampa Bay Tribune after Monday's loss to the Boston Bruins. "We warned them, and it's just embarrassing right now, it really is."
See...even Rick Toccet doesn't want to GAMBLE with Stamkos playing...


Anyways, enough quotes. Just hop on over to TSN to read the full article. The situation is, after all, kinda pathetic.

I mean in all seriousness, who would trust giving ice-time to a kid like this...

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