Monday, December 8, 2008

It's up and running..

If you haven't noticed, you no longer have to type to get here.

You can get here at That's it and that's all. It's just for decoration. [Bubb rubb reference, shit, I'm just gonna post it, it's hilarious]

OK, I'll do a preview of the Sabres/Pens later, but a couple things for right now.

- Today you get 15% off your entire order at, pretty fly for a white guy, like me.

- I didn't even talk about the Caps-Isles game from Thursday, probably cause I got too drunk. Anyway, you can tell Ovechkin is battling some injuries, he floated around the perimeter rather than the physical game that makes him so imposing. He did score...but he wasn't himself. I'm going on Wednesday again to go check out the Bruins in person, we'll see how the Washington CapiBears hold up against them.

- Radim Vrbata and Chris Gratton were placed on waivers today by the Bolts, think anyone's interested? Of course not, one's terribly overpaid, the other a never-has-been.

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