Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Inspiration for all you goalies out there

Being a goalie myself, one thing that gets me really pumped up to play is watching ridiculous saves by professional goalies. Either the post-to-post sprawls, lightning quick glove saves, or even the lucky "dive across the crease and hope the puck hits you" saves, all get you out of your seat in awe. No one will ever match up to the untraditional greats like Hasek, Roy, or Osgood for example, but today's goalies are taller, lankier and damn quick.

Carey Price - 6'3'' 210#
Devan Dubnyk - 6'6'' 195#
Steve Valiquette - 6'6'' 210#

Now compare that to some of the older generation goalies.

Chris Osgood - 5'10'' 178#
Mike Richter - 5'11'' 190#
Patrick Roy - 6'0'' 190#

With all the genetically engineered crops being grown these days, it's no wonder why these goalies are so big, that or those damn Canadiens are putting something in their water. More than half of the saves from the clip below are toe saves from a post-to-post sprawl. Does size matter? Sometimes, unless you're a freak of nature, like Hasek and Osgood. How old are those two now? 50? 60? There are 1st times for everything. Hextall was the 1st goalie to score a goal. Patrick Roy was the 1st to break 50 shut-outs. Now, I wouldn't be surprised if either Osgood or Hasek are the 1st to have great grandchildren playing with them in the NHL. Am I complaining that they haven't retired yet? Hell no! What goalie can say that they hit their prime in their early 30's and is still there 15 years later? Besides, watching Osgood rob Malkin and Crosby time and time again in last years Stanley Cup finals totally made me feel better about the Pens raping the Flyers in the playoffs. Will anyone be as good as the legends of the past? I hope so.

By far my favorite goalie of all time, and not for his amazing saves, his flawless technique, or his for his wonderful personality, but for his incredible poise as a goalie. His ability to maintain composure just fascinates me. That man is Garth Snow. Now I know all of you are "lol"ing and saying how much a crock of shit that is, and you're right. I really only like him b/c of all the fights he gets in. He's like the Scott Stevens or Tie Domi of goalies. He was never that good (probably why he was playing for the Flyers) but every time he played, I found myself hoping a huge brawl would break out so he would try and pick a fight. Enjoy some of his finest moments below.

Only Snow would pick a fight with an injured player laying face down on the ice.

Don't ask me what the Pens were ever thinking when they picked up Snow. Although, this was back when the thought of the Pens making the playoffs was laughable.

What happened to the old Flyers style? Now they're full of pussies like Briere who can't take a hit. Damn Buffalo and Philly hated each other!

And lastly, I have to be fair and give credit to all those other goalies itchin to get a piece.

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