Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I Don't Want to Talk about the Sabres...Lets talk FRAT PARTY

What a garbage game, losing to a garbage team, from a garbage state. New Jersey sucks. Hear that Stevenson? Bones? New Jersey sucks. I've moved on, Bobby Holik is a dickstick.

Movin' on though, Kirky laid into Ovechkin, so I guess as the fill-in, impromptu Capitals representative, I'm going to take this time and make sure we all know just how queer the Flyers are. I know after a hard nights work on the ice, just where I'd want to go is Old City to pound some Natty Lites with some douchebag asshats at a Temple "date" party. If by date party they mean roofie fest then yeah, that sounds right. Guess that's why Mike Richards and Jeff Carter were there, so were Upshall and the cockface that is Antero Niittymakki.

Yo broski, what'd the frat boys think?
So they came up, essentially they just chilled near the bar, kept getting all the free drinks, well drinks we paid for, which is great we paid for the Flyers to get trashed at our date party.
Even THE FRAT BOYS think you're effing mooches. They think they're the bee's knees, yeah, the bee's knees. I think they deserve to be shit on. Temple? TEMPLE? At least pick a decent school to crash, the only thing cool about Temple, wait no, nothing. Good God.

Let's look at some pics LOLZ.

Dude, you're Mike Richards, the poon you could score could be legendary. Even Hank Baskett can score a playmate, and these two heifers are the one you aim for? Those girls wouldn't look hot if they were sweating. HEYYYYYYYOOOOOO. Standards, Michael.

Haha I love this kid, stickin out his chest, with his sleeves rolled alllllllllll the way up, poppin a throbbin chubby hangin with his boys Upshall and Richards. What a dicktwizzler.
Oh as the night wore on, the effstick really started to hit his stride. Poundin Rum and diet Coke's, livin life, man, how I envy him. Ok I don't feel like commenting, it's pissing me off, here's a couple more in thumbnail form.

The balls in your court, Kirky. Just be glad Hartnell wasn't there.
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