Thursday, December 11, 2008

Highlights Out the Asshole

We've got your highlights here from 2 different games. Maybe a 3rd set of lowlights if I feel Scott Clemmenson is deemed worthy.

First, the Sabres game, which I didn't get to see. Though it seems Miller played well again (zOMG, that's 2 games in a row!) and the Sabres came back from another 2 goal deficit. With this win, they're in sole possession of 8th, only 1 point behind the Devils, and look out, only 3 points behind the Pens and Flyers. I know, baby steps. But Vanek potted 2 more, beastly, and Pominville had 3 points on the night. Baby steps, it was Tampa.

I went to the Capitals - Bruins game last night, cause I can. Brent Johnson, yes, the Brent Johnson, looked like effing Hasek diving his fat ass around his net. He played a helluva game and really stymied the Bruins attack. My d-bag roommate "What's a Bruin?" Uh Mike, it's a bear, that's why their secondary logo is Winnie the pooh. Sorry, Mike, had to do it.

Also I wanted to point this out, if you're at a Caps game, be sure to visit the "Dress your Dog" stand. Yes, the ladies working there were very nice, although old, grimy, and missing teeth. But contradictory to any predispositions you may have to the high prices of arena food, get this, a whole basket of fries, topped with as much chili and nacho cheese as you want, for just 7.50. The same price as a large domestic, or small micro. Look em up, it's worth your while.

Anyway, Ovechkin had a pair (one empty net though), but Brent Johnson was definitely the difference maker.

Now for the "Mother ***king Lowlights," as Denson so eloquently put it this morning, of the Pens - Devils game. I haven't watched these yet, but I can only imagine Bob Errey shitting a brick while he can't figure out why the Pens can't score on the powerplay. But at least the defense was active picking out the gross rebounds of Sabourins, silver lining?

Now look at that video, nobody is effing there! Move their asses to a new city....speaking of, have you started your new team!? WTF! DO IT.

Videos via, k thx NHL!

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