Friday, December 12, 2008

Have a Heartnell... Throw some gloves

Who ever said "No good ever came from stupidity"? I actually have no idea, but probably by no one important. This Sunday at the Phantoms game in Philly, they will be holding a "Glove and Mitten Toss" to comemorate... well, I wish I could say it was for some great accomplishment or event, but no. The Flyers are trying to make the best out of one of their more embarassing moments.

For those of you who missed out, Tuesday against the Lightning, with under 30 sec left in the game, Malone comes down on a breakaway being chased by Hartnell. In desperation, Hartnell throws his glove at Malone resulting in a penalty shot. Fortunately, Biron stops the penalty shot and the Flyers go on to win it in OT.

“It didn’t really cross my mind at the time,” said Hartnell of the glove-tossing. “I was out there for a long shift at the end, and I was chasing Malone from behind, and it was just a desperation play. I threw the glove and looking back it was kind of stupid, but Marty came up huge." ~Hartnell
Most players in desperation will throw their stick, but Hartnell lost his stick previous to the breakaway. So what did he do? The next best thing, threw his glove. Imediately following the incident, Hartnell was informed of his nomination for "Goat of the week". His reaction:

The Flyers won, so no hard feelings. Now lets exploit the situation and make a charitable event out of it. After all, Philadelphia is the city of brotherly love right?

Fans are asked to bring a new pair of gloves or mittens to Sunday Nights game. During the 1st intermission, fans will throw the gloves onto the ice to be collected. Hartnell's punishment: skip practice and collect all the gloves thrown on the ice along with all the other kids that are paid minimum wage to do it. Yay, good times!

Unfortunately for Ryan O'byrne, the Canadiens aren't smart enough to come up with ways to cover up their embarassing moments. We all recall the other week when O'byrne scored on his own net sending the game to OT resulting in a Canadiens loss.

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