Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Get Over It

I had no interest in defending the OT goal scored by Crosby last night until logging onto my blog this afternoon to discover all the Crosby Hater bullshit.

It was called a goal on the ice, and just like football, there needs to be conclusive evidence. I don't know what the hell they look at in Toronto, if it's live video, still pictures, or what, but from the pictures I have seen, Crosby's blade is above the crossbar, but not the shaft, which is where the puck deflected off of and went into the net. That being said, I do not know the correct way to interpret the rule, I'm not a ref. Here's the rule...

So does that mean if I hold 3/4 of my stick above the crossbar and a shot deflects off my buttend that's below the crossbar and goes into the net it's a goal? I have no idea.

If it would have been called no goal on the ice, then it would have stuck as no goal. It was called a goal, and I just don't see conclusive evidence that you could overturn that UNLESS a goal is supposed to be disallowed from a high stick regardless of the portion of the stick the puck deflects off of. Who knows though.

But this conspiracy shit? Seriously? Or Gift calls because it's Crosby? The NHL is trying to work itself back into popularity and people are suggesting a Crosby Conspiracy? He's MARKETABLE. That's why they push him in our faces. Ovechkin maybe not AS much, but he didn't have the hype that Crosby did. Just get over this conspiracy shit though. It doesn't exist. All you haters out there would love him if he was on your team, but he's not, so you hate him. That's fine. I'm the same way with Ovechkin. Crosby whines, that's fine...Ovechkin takes runs at players. I understand that love-hate relationship. The conspiracy I don't because it's horseshit and if you dumbass hockey fans would think about that for a second, you'd realize there's no way the NHL could afford the controversy that would surround such a thing, and would send the NHL spiraling into a black hole from which they'd never emerge.


Vance said...

Typical Penguins fan response.

1. It says there in the rule, where the puck makes contact with the stick, how is that hard to interpret?

2. Crosby is as marketable and charismatic as my big toe. He has more cliche and stock quotes than politicians.

3. We get it, it's the world against Pittsburgh, always has been, always will be.

Scooter said...

Even though I am a Penguins fan, I have to agree with Vance on this one. I'm sick of Crosby getting all of the attention. The guy is really not even all that good. Who else has won a scoring title at 19? Oh that's right, NOBODY. But seriously, why can't we put the more talented Alexander Ovechkin or Evegeni Malkin in the spotlight and make them the poster child? They both speak flawless English...er oh wait, have you heard Malkin give an interview in English, the guy can say four words? Ovechkin, though, he's perfect for the NHL. He's a superstar, and can speak English, right? He can speak French to be marketable to the French-Canadian NHL Provinces too--Fuck, he can't do that either.
The point is, the NHL consists of teams from 2 countries: Canada and the U.S. Crosby just so happens to be fluent in French, so fans in Montreal can relate, AND English, so fans in the rest of North America can understand him. He is also the best player to come out of Canada in a while, which is the birthplace of hockey. More importantly, however, HE IS THE YOUNGEST FUCKING PLAYER TO EVER WIN A SCORING TITLE. HE IS THE YOUNGEST EVER TO BE NAMED CAPTAIN OF HIS TEAM. Oh, and one more thing, HE PLAYS ON THE BEST TEAM IN THE EASTERN CONFERENCE. The NHL put their existence on Crosby's shoulders when he was a rookie--they hyped the shit out of him. And guess what? HE DELIVERED. Have you ever heard of the phrase "don't fix something if it's not broken?" That's why Crosby is their poster child. Everyone blames him because he gets so much media attention. Blame the NHL! He's not begging people to go interview him after they just lost 7-3 to the FUCKING MAPLE LEAFS! And I'm sure his latest commercial about losing the cup was one that he was just dying to do--reliving arguably the biggest letdown of his career. He doesn't ask for attention, he plays hockey--albeit, he tends to bitch too much, but he's there to win. Just like AO and just like everyone else. So hate the NHL, not Crosby, he's doing what the NHL asks him to do.

Vance said...


Crosby plays for the Bruins? :)

Kirky said...

I started reading Scooters comment and after the first 2 sentences, I thought he may know what he's talking about. Didn't take long for him to turn into a typical Pens fan. He totally contradicts himself.
"I'm sick of Crosby getting all of the attention, why can't we put the more talented Alexander Ovechkin or Evegeni Malkin in the spotlight and make them the poster child?"
You can't say that and then go on to praise him later on in your comment. You just gave him the attention that you don't want him to have. I do agree, the spotlight needs to move, or at least have more spotlights out there. Crosby isn't a God, and I think his stats lately have shown that (going 9 games w/o a goal). I'm waiting for it... This is where a Pens fan would say "he's a play-maker, not a scorer) The poster child should be both. Lemieux, Gretzky, Roy, they were all a poster child, real greats. So if you don't want the attention to be on him anymore, stop looking at him as a hockey God, and start looking at him as a quality hockey player.

Anonymous said...


I don't think you got my point. When you named Patrick Roy, Mario Lemeiux, and Wayne Gretzky, they are all Canadian-born players who speak English fluently. Malkin doesn't speak a lick of English and AO is far from fluent. It is hard to make a poster child out of somebody who can't talk to the target audience.
And I'm not looking at him as a hockey God, I'm looking at him in a realistic sense: the man is the best player in the NHL. I didn't just say it, the NHL didn't just put him there, he's earned it, and the GMs recognize it as well. Digest this: http://www.tsn.ca/nhl/story/?id=252046.
I don't think he's a hockey God, I don't think he can do no wrong, I just think he deservedly gets the most attention in the NHL because he is currently the best player in the world and represents the NHL with maturity and dignity. I don't think anybody could deny that. The guy is doing something right since most GMs want to build their teams around him. He doesn't bring any controversy to the game through his post game interviews, doesn't talk trash about other players, coaches or teams, and he doesn't bring negative attention to his sport. Why not make him your poster child? It's not like AO, Malkin, and Luongo don't get any attention.
In addition, there's a face to every sport. Who do you think of when you think NFL: Peyton Manning. What about Tom Brady, Brett Favre, LaDanian Tomlinson, etc. of the NFL. Who gets the most publicity though through endorsements and commercials? Peyton Manning. And the NBA, who's the face of the NBA? Lebron James. What about Kobe, Iverson, KG, etc.? Why does Lebron get all of the attention, endorsements, etc.? These guys put fans in the seats and bring positive attention to the game. T.O. is one of the best players in the NFL, and one of the all-time greatest wide receivers we've seen in our lifetime. Why isn't he the face of the NFL? Why not all of the endorsements? Because he doesn't represent the sport well.
My point is: Crosby puts fans in their seats unlike any other star in the NHL and he brings POSITIVE attention to the game. Pittsburgh sells out opposing arenas in small hockey markets because fans want to see Crosby. Hate him or love him, he brings attention to the game, and it just makes business sense. Period.

Denson said...

Where the puck makes contact with the stick, yep, and that part of the stick was BELOW the crossbar.

Vance said...

oh please tell me your using the paint picture to gauge that as well, cause you know, the angle the picture was taken and the difference in depth wouldn't possibly make a difference right?

Nah, that would only make sense, eye level or bust.

quit being a fanboy.

Denson said...

What I'm saying is according to the rule, regardless of whether or not crosbys blade was above the crossbar, the shaft, where the puck hit, is not, from the looks of every video or pic I've seen.

They need more cameras in the nets. What about SKY CAMS like the NFL!! haha

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