Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Contest Update: For Tuesday


In lieu of this article, I nominate the LA Kings to move north to San Francisco. It only makes sense.

From Sunday:::

For my Pittsburgh friends today, shortly before the Steelers play in Baltimore. I give you, the Pittsburgh Crows.

From this Past Week:::

Here's the first jersey concept for The Hershey Highway. Based out of the Harrisburg, PA market, which is coincidentally the 63rd largest market in America. In other words, small. But they lead the AHL in attendance and it could work, at least people have jobs there (unlike Detroit), just sayin.

Now I know you can be more inappropriate than that. Bitches. Notice the highway skidmarks, brown color scheme, and the bad ass nature of the design. Plus, its HOME WHITES.

I also know that you people (what do you mean, you people?) have all the time on your hands, do something sweet and hilarious.

Email any submissions to vance@banginpanger.com. Do it. Do it.

Contest Rules/Explanation:::

Ok, here's the plan, we got a blank jersey template, rock it out. Do what you gotta do, Primary logo, secondary logo, jerseys, 3rds, do it up right. This should be funny. If you want to make a serious jersey, that's cool too, just we probably won't post it, unless it falls under the categories of Bad Ass, Innuendo, Vulgar, or just egregiously homosexual. Do it. Do it.


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