Monday, December 22, 2008

A Christmas Gift for Sidney?

You tell me.

edit::I hate that stupid auto-play Versus video, effing pissing me off.

The stick's in at an upward angle, that's about as close as you can get. Toronto made the decision. Agree? Or just another example of bias?

Oh and here's something that really pisses me off. Pens fans naturally will call it a legitimate goal. But now they're trying to prove it...with MS Paint.

This here's from some Crosby apologist/cum dumpster at Pensblog. Her utter mastery of geometry and rationalism obviously places her amongst the students at Point Park University. This bitch needs to choke on fruitcake. Let's see the ref's angle!

Oh hey there ref. That's him in the corner, that's him in the spot...light, shitting in the corner. The one ducking away from Malkin's slapshot. The guy taking a dump in the corner, shitting a brick from Malkin's shot. Yeah, below eye level of Crosby's stick/tip, he's the one that made the call. Clutch.

Whatever, the call was made on the ice it was a goal, so Megan M. mustve quick drawn up that picture and said, "Hey Toronto War Room, I made this for you, and please run the train on my pale, white body." and they did. They did.
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