Friday, November 21, 2008

More Damning Evidence of the Dallas Community

The NHL has given any of us the capabilities to see how our favorite players are faring in the All-Star voting, ruining the self-esteem of tens of misunderstood, under appreciated "role" players throughout the league.

Me? I checked to see how much the asshats down in Texas were cheating. Seems to me, quite a bit. Certainly must've been a shot to the ego for Brenden Morrow to wake up and be say 'F yeah, I'm 2nd in all-star voting!' only to realize that his virtual popularity was simply that, virtual. And fake.

Why I'm not giving up on this? I don't know, it's been rehashed over again by lots of folks. But just the sheer number of cheap votes, 25,000 some in some cases, only goes to show you, just how much there isn't to do in the city of Montreal. Poor bastards, wait, no, what tools.

Update/edit:: If you've arrived via Puck Daddy, welcome fellow hockey fan. Please browse, leave comments, tell us how much of a douche you really think I am. It'll be fun, I promise.

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